RDXC and the attack on the Ukraine

The normal stance of amateur radio is that it is apolitical. However, it is clear that recent attack by the Russian Federation on Ukraine is a hot topic among radio amateurs worldwide and can not be regarded as an ´usual  political decision´. Some radio amateurs discuss boycott of contests and Russian operators. In this situation the RRDXA cannot and does not want to remain silent.

We fully understand that individual operators do not feel in a mood for contests or even contact Russian stations in the current situation. However, we believe that this can not be a long term solution. In general, the amateur radio service promotes mutual communication and friendship between people. Keeping contact, exchanging information on HF and amateur radio contests are an integral part of this.

Given the current situation in Ukraine the RRDXA encourages partipants in RDXC to wish peace to the people of Ukraine. This can be done by using ‘mir’ instead of ‘tu’ (CW) or ‘peace and 73’ (SSB). The exchange can be replaced by ‘599MIR’. The latter one obviously could be regarded as a violation of RDXC contest rules, given ´mir´ is not a valid exchange/ oblast.

The RRDXA does 2022 not take part in club-competition of RDXC. Instead members are asked to devote their points to the clubs they sympathize, e.g. UCC.

We hope that the killing between slavic brother states will end soon. With this in mind I wish peace, mir and Frieden to Ukraine.

Vy 73
President of the RRDXA



Updated: Saturday March 5th, 2022 — 18:42