DX Pedition Trophy

[:de]Die DX Pedition Trophy liefert Informationen über aufkommende DX-Peditionen und zeichnet die besten DX-Peditionen aus. Ein Besuch auf der Webseite lohnt sich.

Die Teilnahme ist umsonst![:en]The DX Pedition Trophy provides informationen about upcoming DX-Peditions and provides awards for the best DX-peditions. A visit on teh webpage is worthwhile.

During the course of the year the Commitee decides a number of Dx Pedition + or – easy to do around the world, and for each of them each participant has to try to make the most of the qso to fill in more possible sloots in vari log;

At each end, Dx Pedition will take care of the Commitee to extrapolate your log call and calculate the score obtained by each participant, so you do not have to do anything except to do the qo (no station log should be sent);

Participating is absolutely Free !![:]

Updated: 29. September 2020 — 09:46