[:de]Tunesien gibt Individuallizenzen aus[:en]Indiviual licenses in 3V8[:]

The first three Authorizations to Operate have been issued to 3 Tunisian
radio amateurs. These are the first issued since 1956
The IARU Region 1 site reports:
3V8HB, 3V8MN and 3V1MB will soon be on the air from their homes rather than
being restricted to operating from a club station.
Issuing individual authorisations to operate is a new process in Tunisia and
involves a number of stages, including equipment conformity checks.
This is great news for Tunisians that the process now exists so that radio
amateurs can practice their hobby from homes in full compliance with the
Tunisian Laws.
The IARU Member Society ARAT extends its thanks to the National Agency of
Frequencies, the Ministry of Telecommunications and all involved parties for
making this happen.
IARU Region 1 https://iaru-r1.org/