here you find the actual status of the Most Active Operator Championship 2017 .

Mixed CW SSB RTTY/Digi
[/rrdxa/applications/mosmodule/ phpinc=list_operator1.php,,,10,,2017]
{mosmodule phpinc=list_operator1.php,,CW,10,,2017}
{mosmodule phpinc=list_operator1.php,,SSB,10,,2017}
{mosmodule phpinc=list_operator1.php,,DIG,10,Y,2017}


Here is the actual status of the competition for this year. As you know, you can upload your logs

any time to increase your actual score.

Mixed CW SSB RTTY/Digi
{mosmodule phpinc=list_operator1.php,,,,,2017}
{mosmodule phpinc=list_operator1.php,,CW,,,2017}
{mosmodule phpinc=list_operator1.php,,SSB,,,2017}
{mosmodule phpinc=list_operator1.php,,DIG,,Y,2017}