Non Standard Calls in FT8

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Use of Nonstandard Callsigns in the FT4, FT8 Modes

Reference: Par. 7.5 Nonstandard Callsigns in the WSJT Manual.

Our operators are using Non-standard Callsigns: DL60RRDXA OE60RRDXA this year.

There are two types of Non-standard Callsigns:

– e.g. DL60RRDXA OZ24QUEEN (usually used by special-event stations, or SES)

– e.g. EI/DJ1AA DK4RH/QRP F5OYA/P (any type of “portable” station, using / )

Regular full „SES-SES“ or „SES-Portable“ QSO’s cannot be completed in the FT4, FT8 modes (in the WSJT or JTDX software). Such contacts are completely blocked in the Bulgarian MSHV software which I currently use.

However, we can still log such QSO’s in the WSJT or JTDX software.

A Non-standard Callsign can be recognised as follows:

When the station is calling CQ, no Grid Square is displayed.

During a QSO between a Nonstandard Callsign and a regular callsign, you can see e.g. <…> <IK4UXA>, or IK4UXA <DL60RRDXA>, or <IK4UXA> DL60RRDXA: either the regular callsign (IK4UXA) or the non-standard callsign (DL60RRDXA) is placed in angle brackets: < >.

The callsign indicated by <…> will appear in full after several transmissions.

The same happens when any portable station (e.g. /M /P /QRP or EI/) attempts at working a Non-standard Callsign (either SES or another portable station). Portable stations should avoid using / in the FT digital modes, if possible.

If you call a Nonstandard Callsign with your Nonstandard Callsign and the other station responds, the line will show only the two callsigns, without Reports and Grid Squares.

After mutual exchanges of the callsigns, the operators should send confirmation (RR73 or 73 etc.) and manually log their QSO by clicking “Log QSO.” Although only the two callsigns are visible in the line, the QSO’s will be logged in our software in full, with Reports and Grid Squares (if specified in File-Settings-General windows).

Please see my scans below and have a look at my Blog.

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Updated: 23. Februar 2024 — 09:41