ON4UN Abschied

Mark, ON4WW sendet die folgende Kommunikation von John´s Tochter Marleen. Sie lädt zur virtuellen Trauerfeier ein (Link unten im Text)

Pse find herewith a communication from John’s daughter Marleen, in regard to the previously announced digital farewell ceremony.

Kindly forward this mail to friends of John who might not be subscribed to reflectors nor news bulletins, thank you.

For those of you who wish to be present but are not able to attend at 14:00 UTC, the digital ceremony link will be accessible a couple more days afterward.


Mark – on4ww.



Dear amateur radio friends

I have been overwhelmed by the many heart-warming messages received from so many of you after my father’s passing.

I am very grateful for all the stories and memories that were shared.

Let me thank you by inviting you to his farewell ceremony – this Saturday November 21 at 14:00 UTC.

You can join the ceremony  (or view it in the next days) via this link:


Warmest regards

Marleen Devoldere

Updated: Freitag, der 20. November 2020 — 18:17