About us

What is RRDXA?

RRDXA is an informal grouping of radio amateurs with a particular interest in DXing and contesting mainly intended to participate in major contests as a team. Among these the CQ World Wide Contest is certainly the yearly highlight of our activities, but we also participate in many other contests such as the WAEDC, RUSSIAN-DX, WPX, WW-Digi, and ARRL-DX-Contest. Further activities are the exchange of technical and operational know-how to improve our contest scores. This happens via the RRDXA internet media or at meetings several times a year. Besides technical talk and the planning of contest activities tasty BBQs and a few beers help to form a social community. The dates of these meetings can be found on the RRDXA website.

What does “team-contesting” mean”?

This term denotes the appearance of a contest club (e.g. the RRDXA) as a team with multioperator groups or single operators contributing their points to the score of their contest club. Being part of a big team enhances the motivation of the individual operators. Nevertheless, the scores of these groups or individuals appear in the official result lists as well. Thus a good place yields double satisfaction. All you have to do if you want to contribute your points to the RRDXA club score is entering the name of our club in the Cabrillo header of the log. Make sure that you insert the exact spelling of “Rhein Ruhr DX Association” after “CLUB” in the header. All members of the RRDXA will be happy to help you to prepare your log.

How is the RRDXA organized?

From the start we have tried to concentrate on our main target as much as possible rather than wasting time on club matters and “red tape”. Nevertheless, we cannot entirely do without a “chieftain” who has to organize club matters and to represent our association. Just as similar organizations mainly in the US, we have a “Chairman”, who is elected every two years.

At the moment, Uwe Koenneker, DL8OBF, is holding this office. He can be contacted via his email-address dl8obf@rrdxa.org.

Round table Amateur Radio

As the interests of the great number of DXers and contesters are insufficiently represented in the ranks of the amateur radio officials in Germany the RRDXA has decided to join the Round Table Amateur Radio (RTA). A designated member of our club tries to work as a lobbyist for all German DXers and contesters.

What role does the RRDXA play in the world of contests?

Of course, the RRDXA is not the only club that fosters the idea of team-contesting. Apart from a few smaller clubs the Bavarian Contest Club (BCC) is our main rival in a friendly competition in Germany. Year after year the official result lists are being awaited with suspense to find out who is first at the post this year. Not less interesting is the comparison with other competitors word wide, as the RRDXA has always been among the top ranks with scores that compare well even with those of the big US contest clubs.

What can the RRDXA offer members?

First of all there is the “we-feeling” that is particularly being felt when a single member shares his individual success with the good results of his club. But here are a few more:

– an informative website that can also serve as a forum for exchanging ideas: www.rrdxa.eu
– an email reflector as another forum for technical advice
– the coveted “RRDXA-tile” as a “Thank You” for ALL contributions to the RRDXA club score
– special prizes and awards for extraordinary results
– the yearly competition for the “Most Active Operator”
– the opportunity to find OPs for a multi-operator team or to offer you participation in such an activity.

How to become a member of RRDXA?

RRDXA membership is free of charge, as we finance ourselves mainly by voluntary donations of members.
To become a member simply register yourself on our website and hand in your contest logs with “Rhein Ruhr DX Association” (mind the spelling) entered in the CLUB-line of the Cabrillo header. If you have a problem, we´ll be happy to assist you. The Rhein Ruhr DX Association is open for beginners (especially youngsters) as much as for experienced operators.

We would be glad to welcome you as a member of RRDXA soon.