Special callsign DL65ESSEN with SDOK – 65L05

Dear Rrdxa friends,

OV-Essen was founded 65 years ago. For this reason we will make the tapes with the special call sign DL65ESSEN “glow” and voluntarily give away the associated SonderDOK 65L05.

There is even an Essen Award, which we dug up from the archive and which we will now digitally polish for online purchase.

Our QSL, designed by Günter, DK2DQ, will arrive at you at lightning speed through the DCL of the Darc. You can find a preprint on our Rrdxa website:


We are planning some more activities that are still dependent on the expected Corona lull … but we are very confident!
And then we will invite you.

Radio operation with the special call sign starts on May 1st, all operating modes and bands are activated.

Don’t hesitate to give us a call!



Updated: Friday April 30th, 2021 — 14:13