Kassa Island DX-Pedition

Our friends from F6KOP announce a new DX-pedition on their webpage: https://www.f6kop.com/

Good morning to all
After our expedition in Palestine E44CC in February 2020, the F6KOP team decided to prepare the future expedition of January 2021.

We inform our entire amateur radio community several months in advance, in order to avoid, as last year, that a team decides to organize an expedition in the same place a few weeks before.

So if the borders open after COVID19, so that we can travel safely, F6KOP will be active in January 2021 from Guinea Conakry 3XY on the island of KASSA IOTA AF 051.

We will be QRV all band from 10 to 160 meters with maybe the 60 meters in CW SSB RTTY and FT8, with 5 stations,
3 beams, several verticals, receiving antennas….

We will give you more details very soon about the operators and the callsign we will use for this new adventure….
Thank you in advance for your collaboration to the success KASSA 2021.

73, see you soon
Frank, F4AJQ
Updated: Monday June 8th, 2020 — 21:58