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  • LX7I
  • DP7D
    DP7D auf dem Gelände der Contestgruppe Schöppinger Berg e.V.. Genug Platz für viele Antennen und Projekte, die man im heimischen Garten nicht durchführen kann. Der Standort in JO32PC ist auf einer ehem. NATO-Radarbasis auf dem "Schöppinger Berg" ca. 180m üNN.

Welcome to the RRDXA-Homepage

This is the official website of the Rhein Ruhr DX-Asscociation (RRDXA). RRDXA is one of the most active Amateur Radio Contesting Clubs in the World. We participate in all major contests, especially the CQWW-DX contests and we have won its club competition several times since the 1960s. The RRDXA is a loose association of enthusiasts, being interested in contests or DX. As a team we take part in the club-competition of major contests. Participating in CQ WW DX-Contests is the highlight of our activity, but we also take part in other contests such as WAE-DX, WAG, WPX and ARRL contests. Another highlight is the exchange of technical or contest-relevant information and we have several meetings per year. Friendship and ham-spirit are a focus during our gatherings, where we also plan future activities here in Germany or abroad. We announce our itinerary on our webpage (www.rrdxa.org). Membership is free and activities are mainly paid through voluntary contributions.
Please register on our webpage (link) or claim your score for the RRDXA (http://www.rrdxa.eu/external/submit-your-scores.html).
Of course, we are looking forward to welcoming new members or hams who are newcomers to contesting.