Dear RRDXA Members,
here you can upload your ADIF Log files for the RRDXA Most Active Operator competition. The uploaded logs will also be used for our 40 Years RRDXA Award and for our 50 Years RRDXA Award search engine.

Please note that for Mult Op Logs it is required to have an Operator flag in each record. This will usually be inserted by your logging software when operators have been saved during operation. Example ADIF Record:

<CALL:5>S53AU <QSO_DATE:8>20070302 <TIME_ON:6>180912 <BAND:3>40M <FREQ:7>7.00400  <FREQ:7>7.00400 <MODE:2>CW <RST_RCVD:3>599 <RST_SENT:3>599 <OPERATOR:5>DL5XX <CQZ:2>15  <EOR>

If you have a Multi Op log without the <Operator:x> flags, you may insert it with the find&replace feature of a text editor. Alternatively you could split the ADIF file according to the number of operators, upload the files separately while entering the operator in the form below. If you don't remember whether you have already uploaded a file, just go ahead. Duplicate QSOs will be removed automatically.


Operator: This field is ignored when operator is set in ADIF records.

If you encounter problems please contact DF1DX or DF1LON.