Contests and Club Competitions

Potentially preaching to the converted: In addition to individual scores there are club competitions in all major contests. In Germany there are two big Contestclubs

Bavarian Contestclub:   und

Rhein Ruhr DX Association:

In addition to Club-competitions these Clubs offer other benefits, such as: Exchange of information, education and training for members or social gatherings. Additionally there is a mail-reflector on the RRDXA-Homepage, which is also open to non-members: ( . To become member in the RRDXA you have to devote points in the cabrillo-file to RRDXA.  Please note the correct spelling of: RHEIN RUHR DX ASSOCIATION

The RRDXA is particularly looking forward to participants in the new WW-Digi Contest:

The new digital modes, such FT-8 und FT-4 will have growing significance in addition to the established modes such as CW, SSB and RTTY. Thus the traditional contests with club competition: oder

Updated: Saturday August 8th, 2020 — 11:54