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ON4UN – Farewell Ceremony


Mark, ON4WW forwards the following infomration from John´s daughter Marleen. She invites for an online farewell-ceremony (Link below in text)     Pse find herewith a communication from John’s daughter Marleen, in regard to the previously announced digital farewell ceremony. Kindly forward this mail to friends of John who might not be subscribed to reflectors […]



In deep mourning the Rhein-Ruhr-DX-Association has to announce that John, ON4UN, has become silent key. John´s contributions were honoured through his membership in RRDXA hall of fame. The sad news was given by his daughter. His radio activities and station setup will always be remembered. With John, ON4UN, we have lost a most valuable radio friend […]

RTTY frequency offsets and high/low tones

Es kommt im Contesting gelegentlich die Frage auf warum denn die Clusterspots nicht “transceive” zur Betriebsfrequenz des Logprogrammes ist. Zuerst muß hierfür geklärt werden ob ein grundsätzliches und systematisches Problem vorliegt (immer der gleiche Offset) oder ob es ein Problem einzelner Meldungen ist. Eine mögliche systematische Ursache ist der Unterschied zwischen “High-Tones (2125 Hz / […]

RRDXA: 2nd position in WW-Digi Contest

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”8″ gal_title=”FT-8″] The RRDXA accomplished significant improvements w.r.t. club-scores in WW-Digi-Contest. The year 2019 had already brought a remarkable 5th place (No1 in Europe), but that result could be further improved in 2020 with No2 worldwide. Congrats to all 25 participating RRDXA-groups! The detailed breakdown can be found on the pages of the WW-Digi […]

DX Pedition Trophy

The DX Pedition Trophy provides informationen about upcoming DX-Peditions and provides awards for the best DX-peditions. A visit on teh webpage is worthwhile. During the course of the year the Commitee decides a number of Dx Pedition + or – easy to do around the world, and for each of them each participant has to […]