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Claimed Scores of the RRDXA Team

Contests and Club Competitions

Potentially preaching to the converted: In addition to individual scores there are club competitions in all major contests. In Germany there are two big Contestclubs Bavarian Contestclub:   und Rhein Ruhr DX Association: In addition to Club-competitions these Clubs offer other benefits, such as: Exchange of information, education and training for members or social […]


Click on a call below for a list of all the contests for which that call sign is listed as an operator. Click on the [email] link to send an e-mail to the contester who posted the claimed score. Call: LX7I  Operator(s): DD5ZZ DF7ZS DJ6GI DK5ON DL6ZBN LX2A VO1IDX Station: LX7I Class: M/2 HP QTH: […]